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If there are changes and

F. OTHER - OTHER1 . If there are changes and / or additional technical information related to the procurement of civil servant in the series will be announced in the registration ;2 . Procurement Committee decision in 2013 Mojokerto employess inviolable ;3 . Mojokerto government is not liable for any form of levy or by unscrupulous bid on behalf of the Government of Mojokerto , organizers and officials in the local government area in Mojokerto ;4 . Procurement of Power CPNS 2013 Honorary Environmental Category II in Mojokerto Government is still waiting for further information and terms of committee of the National Selection ( PANSELNAS ) employess ;5 . If there are things - things are less clear concerning the revenues CPNS can contact the Procurement Committee Government employess Mojokerto during business hours with a phone number 0321-399600
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